Bordesley Green Girls' School

2018 CPD Conference

The annual conference is a key part of our identity as a Teaching School.

Now in its 4th year, the annual teaching and learning conference at BGGS couples the best of our in-house practice with cutting edge innovation and updates from nationally respected figures to provide delegates with a host of practical solutions.

With almost 60 different sessions to choose from and the option to come for half a day if a full day proves too much, there really is something for everyone.

Click on the session titles below for more information.

A colour copy of the schedule is here.


Welcome address by Judith Woodfield, Head teacher at BGGS

Session 1


10:30 – 11:00 

Session 2


12:20 – 13:20

Session 3

Session 4

09:20AM - 10:20AM

11:10AM - 12:10PM

13:30PM - 14.25PM

14:35PM - 15:35PM

CLIL Content Language & Integrated Learning

Classroom CLIL in Business, Geography and Science


KS2-3 Methodology how to set up CLIL in schools

The Launch of  Learning Through Languages UK: a national centre for content and language integrated…

   Host: J Woodfield

Maths Mastery

Domains of knowledge for Teaching Maths Mastery: part 1

Domains of knowledge for Teaching Maths Mastery: part 2 (taught lesson)

Advice on New GCSE and A Level specifications

Using the large data set to develop statistical thinking in A Level Maths
Narash Srikanthapaian

LBP Language Based Pedagogy

LBP in Action

Presenting the work of the BGGS LBP pilot and its impact. Whole school plans for moving forward 


GCSE Geography AQA – pre- release preparation
with Sarah Wheeler

GCSE Drama (OCR)
with Karen Latto


L3 BTEC Applied Science  with Fara Mir

A Level Physics OCR 

with Alessio Bernardelli

with Jane Kelly

  A Level Geography 
with Bob Digby

A Level English
with Babita Ginda & Nurun Ali

A Level Psychology AQA
with Caroline Bunyan

Computer Networking: the cornerstone of today's digital world (this is the confirmed name for the session: Master teacher-Cisco network software )
with Duncan Maidens, BCU

Raising Achievement Through the Key Stages

Exam Rubric- decoding questions and command words

Developing independent learning and extended writing through textual devices

The Electronic mark book

Using spreadsheets to record marks, levels and average score

Maths in Science Understanding maths in Science, collaborating with Maths department

Teaching Physics at KS3: Sound

Teaching Physics at KS3: Forces

Beyond Outstanding Psychology’s interactive & challenging lessons

Techniques for observing lessons and giving feedback

Modelling and scaffolding

Experiential Learning Creating a theatre of learning to immerse your students & bring the classroom to life

Marking and feedback

Assessment & Data How can we use data and assessment information to raise achievement
NB: this session is for BGGS staff only

Connecting Drama to the curriculum How Drama techniques can enhance teaching across the curriculum

Us or Them?

Who’s more disruptive in the classroom? Ways to combat both!

Stretch and challenge strategies

Assessment that allows learners to lead learning

Supporting Learning

Hearing Resource Base 

Who we are, audiology, language assessment, differentiation for deaf students

British Sign Language (BSL)

Friends Resilience programme

School Business Leadership


  Using Every's Compliance Management Software
School Business Leadership Roundtable 
Chair: Matthew Clements-Wheeler

Support Staff

Lunchtime supervisor training session
(BGGS staff only)

Data Protection- 

New regulations Understanding the regulations when handling sensitive information

Firefly refresher session
with Khal Rozak
(same session runs again after this one)

 Firefly refresher session
with Khal Rozak

(this has the same content as the previous Firefly session)

Office 365 
Steel Pan Taster Session 2

Steel Pan Taster Session 1


FGM Unit of Work Showcasing a model for FGM education for KS3 students

How to implement Prevent 

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
with Rubina Jan and external agency

Support Staff and Fieldwork
with Michelle Hughes


Conference Evaluation