Bordesley Green Girls' School

Using the large data set to develop statistical thinking in A Level Maths

Session details

The new A level in Maths contains a compulsory Statistics element. This session looks at activities which will help teachers to confidently deliver the key concepts. These include: -

  • The large data set - activities for teaching and exploring this to reinforce statistical ideas
  • Addressing some of the big stats ideas (which have featured in S1 legacy spec)
  • Some of the new stats content which was not in S1 (legacy spec) but is in the new A-level specification
  • Some of the activities can also be transferred to KS4 if centres are teaching GCSE Statistics
  • The session is based in a computer room so be ready to do interactive work

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Copies of any hand-outs to be used and a copy of /link to any presented materials will be made available here.

About the Presenter(s)

Mr Narsh Srikanthapalan

Edexcel Credible Specialist - A-level Maths

Narsh has been teaching A-level maths for a little shy of 10 years and has been working with Edexcel on their new spec since July 2015 he was trained to support staff in other schools implementing the new A-level. He teaches full time in Coventry and his role within the school is as a Maths SLE. In this role he has supported other schools and their heads of department for the past two years.

This year he is teaching M2 and M3 on the legacy and spec Further Maths A-level. He has taught aspects of Pure, Mechanics and Statistics during his teaching career.