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Two for the price of one in this dual-focus double session!

Session Leader

Mr Alessio Bernardelli

Alessio works for The Institute of Physics (IOP) as a Teaching and Learning Coach and as a Mentor for teachers of Science across England and Wales. He has also developed a number of national and international programmes to enhance STEM and STEAM skills. In Malaysia Alessio worked with the Ministry of Education to develop and roll out a programme of innovative STEM resource packs and training for schools at a national level, including developing train the trainer courses. In Mexico he worked for a national programme to develop and evaluate a series of Maths apps for primary education. Alessio also worked with the Mexican Academy of Science to improve their online resources and courses for teachers across the whole of Latin America. In Colombia he has trained primary school teachers and University Professors and Trainers in developing STEM skills within the Palabrario and Numerario programme developed by Fundacion Corona and Foundation Genesis. Alessio has been supporting and developing STEM and STEAM programmes in 14 countries worldwide with outstanding outcomes for all parties involved.

Alessio has won a number of national and international teaching awards for his innovative and creative use of technology in education (particularly in STEM subjects), including an award at the Worldwide Innovative Education Forum 2007. He has also worked with partners like Microsoft Education, Google, the BBC, the Times Educational Supplement (TES), Welsh Government, Oxford University Press, Nelson Thornes, Open University, BrainPOP, Twig World, etc…

Alessio is a published author with Scholastic with his GCSE Physics revision guide. In 2014 he created the highly effective Numerical Reasoning Resource Pack as an intelligent response to the introduction of the Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) in Wales. The methodologies in the resource pack and associated training have directly contributed to significantly raising standards in numerical reasoning in all the schools that embedded these resources in their curriculum, with some schools reporting an increase in their national numerical reasoning test results of over 20% in all year groups since using Alessio’s strategies.

Alessio is currently completing an MSc in Teacher Education at Oxford University, where he is further developing his insights into effective professional development of teachers and STEM/STEAM learning and teaching. He is also a co-author of the research article "TASC: Thinking Actively in a Social Context. A universal problem-solving process” (Gifted Education International, 2012, Vol.28(1), pp.58-83 [Peer Reviewed Journal]).”

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Copies of any hand-outs used and a copy of /link to any presented materials will be made available retrospectively here.

Part 1 (60 minutes)

OCR Physics - New engaging ideas linked to the specification

Specifically relating to OCR examples but applicable to most other physics specifications.

This workshop will provide hands-on examples of highly effective and engaging teaching strategies and tools. We will not focus on wiz and bangs only, but on activities and resources based on sound pedagogical principle and current educational research. So, as well as improving the engagement of your students, you will support their progress and attainment as they develop deeper understanding of physics in innovative and memorable ways. All examples will be linked to the OCR specifications, but will be highly relevant for other exam boards too.

Key questions we will answer are;

· How can use students’ misconceptions in physics to achieve deeper learning?

· How can I develop thinking and better physics knowledge and understanding through cognitive conflicts?

· What are the most engaging and valuable demos and practicals for students?

· How can I develop resilience in my students in physics?

Part 2: 60 minutes

OCR A-Level Physics - review of first AS and A Level assessment

Specifically relating to OCR examples but applicable to most other physics specifications.

This workshop will focus on the first assessment of A-level physics exams and will seek to outline the common pitfalls and misconceptions students may have. The workshop will give you the tools and practical strategies to help students decode exam questions and ensure they access valuable marks.

Key questions we will answer are;

· How much has the new physics A-level exam changed?

· How can we students tackle the most demanding questions effectively and systematically?

· What should students write to maximise their marks?

· How can students decode an exam question?