Bordesley Green Girls' School

Child Sexual Exploitation

Session details

This CSE workshop helps practitioners to understand the complexities involved with child sexual exploitation issues and be aware of how to recognise it, who is most at risk, why young people respond in the way that they do and how children become implicated in CSE.

We have a highly qualified and very experienced pastoral care team at Bordesley Green Girls' School where senior teachers and support staff managers work as a highly integrated team to support pupils facing a number of serious challenges.

This session gives participants a chance to explore the issues and understand the pressures placed on young people in a practitioner-friendly environment... there's no such thing as a daft question.

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About the Presenter(s)

Rubina Jan is an experienced pastoral manager at Bordesley Green Girls' School and Sixth Form.

She has a strong understanding of the issues surrounding CSE and has represented the school in inter-agency meetings, briefing sessions and staff training events.

Colleagues appreciate her pragmatic, sensible approach which she brings to the session to help you understand the subject matter more clearly.