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Exam rubric- Decoding questions and command words

(Specifically relating to Geography examples but applicable to most other written based subjects)

This workshop will highlight the importance of understanding command words when answering examination questions. The workshop will give you the tools and practical strategies you can use to ensure that students can confidently decode exam questions. For each command word, there are particular words and phrases which examiners expect students to use when answering questions. This will be discussed and shared as part of the training.

Key questions we will answer are;

  • What are the main command words used in exams?
  • How can we develop students understanding and application of these terms?
  • What words and phrases would you use for particular types of command words?
  • How do you decode an exam question?
  • How can you plan an answer once you understand the command words

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About the Presenter(s)

Presenter: Mr Dean Carson

Dean Carson is Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning and staff CPD at Bordesley Green Girls’ School and Sixth Form. Dean has 14 years teaching experience, most of which was spent as Head of Department for various schools in Birmingham. Dean has taught KS3-KS5 Geography with outstanding results at all levels.

Throughout his career, Dean has delivered training and disseminated resources to collegiate schools and provided training to GTP, Teach First and PGCE students.

Most of his recent in house training has focused specifically on exam technique and many teachers have now started to make effective use of the tools and strategies they were given.

Dean is also delivering a session on extended writing, taking Geography as an example.