Bordesley Green Girls' School

Beyond outstanding - psychology's interactive lessons

Session details

A carousel of activities used in psychology lessons which engage and enthuse learners and teach higher order thinking skills in interactive ways.

  • Teaching beyond the specification using current research
  • Extended writing - The use of PEEL in visual and written format to consistently embed the skill of elaboration in evaluations.
  • Independent learning- Engaging ways for students to lead their own learning.
  • Construct learning for difficult areas of psychology (brain area/functions, structure and role of neurons)

  • Presentation/Hand-outs

Upload copies of any hand-outs to be used and a copy of /link to any presented materials. If materials are to be made available retrospectively, please indicate that here.

About the Presenter(s)

Claire Mckinley & Aleena Mushtaq 

Joint Head of psychology at Bordesley Green Girls' School

Nosheen Farooq 

Teacher of social sciences at Bordesley Green Girls' School