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The electronic mark book

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A series of generic Excel skills that can be used by all teachers to keep track of assessment levels, behaviour (and attendance) and minutes late to lesson.

This workshop will demonstrate the way in which the Head of ICT uses Excel to record various pieces of information for his classes. The mark book is used to record the levels achieved by students, these can then be averaged for a final overall grade. You will be shown how to average levels that are entered as text, i.e Emerging -, or Emerging = etc.

The behaviour of each student can also be recorded and then averaged at the end of the term, hence the completion of progress checks and reports are quicker as you have at hand a term’s worth of effort grades. The mark book can then also be used to record the students who are late to lessons and by how much, it will add up these minutes missed and it’s up to you to decide when they pay them back. The spreadsheet can also create charts if needed.

This will be a hands on practical session where you can carry out the skills demonstrated using some sample data. This session is aimed primarily at those staff not confident in using Excel or have little experience of it.

Key skills covered;

  • Importing students from SIMS
  • Creating a menu
  • Basic formatting
  • Recording assessment levels from drop down lists
  • Ability to average levels even if entered as text
  • Basic formulae and functions covered

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Copies of session materials will be made available to participants here after the session.

About the Presenter(s)

Presenter: Mr John Lewis

Biography: John Lewis is Head of ICT at Bordesley Green Girls’ School and Sixth Form. John has 25 years teaching experience, about half of which has been spent as Head of Department.

John also teaches DT and due to the large number of classes taught he needed a more manageable way of keeping track of data.

Throughout his career, John has helped deliver training at various levels within school. John is currently undertaking the Master Teacher course in partnership with Birmingham City University.