Bordesley Green Girls' School

Us or them - who is more disruptive in the classroom

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"Moments of disruption in the classroom are inevitable."

Be it the teacher whispering in the corner to the TA, to the peeping round the door of another colleagues lesson, or to the teacher choosing to adopt a slightly different method from the norm.

As much as we as teachers may feel we need to solve the problem of the disruptive student, it may be time to start thinking about solutions to our own disruptiveness.

This session will be an opportunity to evaluate our own behaviour in the classroom and see how it might affect student behaviour.

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Hand-outs will be made available on the day.

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Name: Ms Verlaina Harvey

Job title/role: Teacher of Drama/ English; Lead in KS3 English

Brief biographical details: Ms Harvey spent time straight after university running her own Theatre in Education company, that concentrated on providing drama experiences to primary school children in Sandwell.

Verlaina has been at BGGS since 2014

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