Bordesley Green Girls' School

CLIL KS2-3 Methodology

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This session will be a practical session on the range of techniques used by CLIL teachers to plan and resource lessons. It will also give advice on how you can set up a CLIL within a school . It will identify a number of models that can be used and advice for the leadership and management of the initiative

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Name: Judith Woodfield,

Job title/role: Headteacher

Judith Woodfield Head Teacher of BGGS has been teaching using this method since 2001.She has taken this method and introduced it now at three schools. She won the Franco British Council Award in 2004 and Mary Glasgow Prize in 2006 based on work with Ana Neofitou at Tile Hill Wood School in Coventry .CLIL is a an internationally recognised method of accelerated learning with transferrable skills which impact positively on all other subjects. This technique is one of the cornerstones of BGGS's Visual learning strategy for whole school improvement. The technique has been shown to raise results not only in MFL but across all subjects at both Tile Hill wood School and at Chenderit School which was featured in an OFSTED MFL best practice report in 2013. At BGGS Year 10 students who have followed this method made significant gains in their learning throughout key stage 3 and this is also translating to improved progress at Key Stage 4.

BGGS also runs the East Birmingham Languages hub for primary and secondary CLIL. We deliver CPD sessions to look at methods used in primary and secondary school. We also welcome other teachers to contribute and share their ideas for great teaching. We have a very keen group of teachers who want to use CLIL or who are already using it , who regularly attend. We like to think of our hub meetings as “shopping bag “ meetings where you can bring ideas and also take many away .

Judith has been working Aston University and Birmingham City Council to develop Learning through Languages UK ; a national centre for CLIL. . She also is on the steering group of the newly formed CLIL Centre of Excellence in London .


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